We all face it at some point in our life, in both the little and the big things. It could be the change in seasons, the change of moving to a different country; the loss of someone special, or the start of a new job. The way that we deal with change is as different as the changes themselves. Some people hate it, while others embrace it joyously. Some are flexible and allow the changes to flow, while others enjoy the familiarity of a routine, avoiding as much change as possible.

This past semester has been a semester full of changes for me; new jobs, new responsibilities, new friends, new classes, new schedule- the changes seemed endless. Now, I like to consider myself someone who embraces change wholeheartedly, but I am afraid that is not entirely true. You see, I like change to be on my conditions.  I will  embrace change gladly- as long as I can control the things changing, and for the most part I like my routine to stay the same. But change is inevitable, and as the fall season progresses, I am reminded of this. The trees do not choose to drop their leaves because they want to, they do so because it will make them healthy and will help them grow in the long run. In the same way, maybe the changes that I feel hit me out of nowhere, the ones that I have no choice in, are the ones that help me grow the most; the ones that make me the person that God has called me to be, because He knows that without a little (or big) push I wouldn’t get there on my own. See, when approached from the right perspective, change is a beautiful, messy thing, just like fall. Leaves get everywhere, but the colors are glorious. In the same way the changes that God has for me may make my life a bit messy, but the view is so worth it in the end.

So maybe instead of shrinking away form the changes that I can’t control, I need to learn to embrace them as growth experiences, as a way for me to shine for Jesus. After all, change is constant. I will never not go through a season of change, so I will do my best to embrace the beautiful colors and the beautiful mess.


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