Prayer of the Heart

This was an anonymous prayer that  I found in one of the cabins of the Potter’s Place that spoke to me, So I wrote it down and now I am sharing it with you. I hope it speaks to you the same way that it spoke to me.

Oh LORD, my God, how majestic is your name

the name that is above all names.

Your love is everywhere

like the air we breathe

You are in us


You are all around us, encompassing me

You are enormous

You are the still, small voice

You are bigger than the world

yet you live in me

You see me in the brightness of the noonday sun

You see me in the darkness of midnight

You see my countenance

You know my heart

my thoughts are laid bare before you

my sins were as scarlet but they were washed in your blood

now I AM CLEAN as the driven snow!

I am the lump of clay

earthy and pliable in your hand

make me into a fit vessel

shaped by the MASTER’S HANDS

useful for service great or small

I am yours Lord



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